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One of the biggest challenges facing Flight Operators today is securing the quality, dependable service providers they need for their flights as they arrive at destination countries. With limited time in an already packed work schedule, finding the right provider at the right price can be a significant problem. Who has the time to spend the hours needed to accurately compare services and costs between providers? Not any Flight Operators we know.
Which is why Online Global Trip Support Ltd. (OGTS), has created something new, something unique. We provide a complete, one-stop online aviation service for any trip. Our database is structured to deliver the support Flight Operators need, using cutting-edge technology to deliver an error free, effective solution.
With our online system, Flight Operators can create a service request, identifying flights, fleet information and scheduled trips all on their own user dashboard, putting all the information required together in one place, saving time, saving money, saving hassle.
Our Vision

To be the premier global network flight management solution provider that is transforming the flight service industry into the 21st century through high quality solutions that will save our clients time and money.

Our Mission

To satisfy private flight operator needs through the provision of an innovative global network solution that transform flight service provision that is accessible anytime and anywhere plus delivering safety, reliability and cost savings while reducing workload and stress for users.
Read our Executive Interview with Munir Khalifa, CEO, Online Global Trip Support here.


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