10 June 2024

Eve and Joby Sign eVTOL Aircraft Agreements in Saudi Arabia

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By CHARLES ALCOCK • Managing Editor
May 22, 2024
A pair of prominent eVTOL aircraft developers, Eve Air Mobility and Joby Aviation, this week announced new partnerships in Saudi Arabia. The deals covering aircraft sales and plans for maintenance and assembly support follow a flurry of recently signed agreements aimed at establishing eVTOL services in the neighboring UAE. They are further evidence of the Gulf region’s ambitions to be an early adopter of advanced air mobility.
Mukamalah, a subsidiary of oil and gas giant Saudi Aramco, on Tuesday signed a memorandum of understanding to add an unspecified number of Joby’s four-passenger eVTOL vehicles to its fleet. During the Future Aviation Forum in the capital Riyadh, the companies agreed to work together with stakeholders including the Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation to clear the way for Joby’s aircraft to be operational in the country.
Currently, Mukamalah operates 55 aircraft at 13 airports across Saudi Arabia, including nine sites it manages, as well as more than 300 helipads, including some on offshore energy installations. The Aramco group has a very significant corporate aviation operation.
Also during the forum in Riyadh, Saudia Technic and Eve Air Mobility signed a memorandum of agreement to explore a possible collaboration covering maintenance, repair, and overhaul services for its four-passenger eVTOL aircraft. The Brazilian manufacturer is also considering the possibility that Jeddah-based Saudia, which is part of the Saudi Arabian Airlines group, might be involved in reassembling its vehicle for the local market.
Eve is preparing to start series production of the aircraft in 2026 at its facility in Taubaté, Brazil. The company has reported letters of intent covering potential sales of nearly 3,000 vehicles.
Source : AINOnline

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