Waleed Muhiddin

Director Business Development & Marketing

What are your key predictions for the business aviation market in the region in terms of growth, challenges, and opportunities?
AMAC Aerospace sees a continuous need to be present in the Middle East. Orders for new aircraft typically come from this region, therefore the product life cycles from one generation of aircraft to the next often stem from this region. For our business model, we serve discerning clients that expect the best in terms of maintainability and expert technical know-how of completion assemblies. We hope to see a tide turn, as COVID slows down as it had a major impact in the world, more so in the commercial sector than in the private sector but none the less, we expect to see an swing of attitudes and demands.

What makes the Middle East (and North Africa) an important growth market for your business?
As mentioned in the previous answer, the Middle East is a prime location for a lot of our existing and hopefully new clientele. The types of aircraft that are present in this part of the world tend to extend beyond mid-size jets and quite commonly they are narrow or wide body jets. AMAC Aerospace are grateful that the demand thus far on our company has led us down the route of providing more service/product offerings to our clients that has appetites for the best in the industry.

Where do you see opportunities in the industry - Is there a geographical region or industry sector or new tech that you are exploring? 
Our sister company JCB have been mandated from a catamaran company (GUNBOAT) to help support the interior outfitting for one of their models that deserves the genes and interior expertise that we harness in Aviation, into the maritime sector. It’s a first time that we have been requested to support but final article elements have already been delivered and thus far we have had positive feedback. Furthermore, our other sister company GAMIT Ltd, are bringing to the tables of business a relatively new digitalization service that looks to ensure full traceability of aircraft record assets (log books and technical documentation), thus ensuring that aircraft are no longer beholden to paper based asset histories, that run the risk of damage and non-traceability.

Sustainability seems to be the hot topic of the industry this year. How is balancing between meeting your customers needs and their desire for sustainable options impacting your business? 
We are members of the EBAA and as such we are ambassadors for the program that has been set out by the regional leaders in our industry to take notice, engage with other business leaders and companies and exploit and make aware the necessities that require us to be more harmonious with our undertakings. SAF’s are a good driving bench mark to start these discussions. Policy creations with authorities are important and target deadlines to have people, organizations and campaigns made ready by decade milestones are imperative.

What technologies do you predict will impact the business aviation industry most in the next five years?
We are channel partners for some of the SATCOM providers in the world today. We also hold discussions with organizations that are also trying to revolutionize certain hardware kits and deliveries. We therefore see big gains to be had in these areas of Avionic cabin functionality. Seats and Television screens will also certainly have some new technologies applied very soon. For the seats, there are multiple providers in the world but when it comes to VIP seats, there are really only a handful of players that allow post production modifications to be made thereafter. Either we will see new producers enter the market or we will see some new novelties be employed on the seats that offer a different interplay to be had during flight. For the TV screens, we went from Plasma to LED and now from LED to OLED. TV screens can wrap around corners, who would have thought? We might see windows replaced with monitor screens but the essence here is that the screens will be manipulated to such a degree that the designs of these cabins will go to another level. How? We are not sure but we be ready to share once we have completed a new and modern cabin interior in the future.

What are you looking forward to the most at this year’s MEBAA Show? Who are you looking to meet and will you be launching anything at the Show?
For us, AMAC Aerospace, it will be especially important to see old faces and put new names to new faces. We have not been in Dubai exhibiting for the last two years. We understand if people still feel uncomfortable to meet but we will have our chalet on the static outside to entertain any request for service through our ‘Group of Companies’.

Lastly, what are your plans ahead in the region?
AMAC Aerospace is in a constant state of growth and expansion. We are very happy to report that AMAC Aerospace will be opening a new company office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Our new General Manager of this office will be with us on site at MEBA. The potential that still exists in Saudi Arabia is exponential. Offices are yet to be sourced but we have the human capital in hand and our colleague is very well connected in the region, therefore we strive to expand our philosophies of Aviation Excellence in the very near future…

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