15 December 2020

French aircraft maker Dassault just unveiled a new $47 million private jet that can fly 5,500 nautical miles — take a look at the Falcon 6X

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  • Dassault Aviation unveiled its newest private jet on Tuesday with the Falcon 6X joining the famed Falcon family.
  • The $47 million jet can fly up to 5,500 nautical miles at speeds of up to Mach .90 while also accessing challenging airports with ease.
  • Dassault incorporated the technology it uses for its military aircraft to make the 6X easier and safer for pilots.

Dassault Aviation unveiled its latest private jet on Tuesday in a virtual event streamed from its production plant in Merignac, France near Bordeaux.

The Falcon 6X is the newest member to join the famed Dassault Falcon family that's been flying for over half a century, starting in the 1960s with the Falcon Mystere 20. Dassault crafted the 6X to be an "ultra widebody" business jet, not to be confused with Airbus' "xtra wide-body" A350 airliner, and offers a wider cabin than anything from transatlantic rivals Gulfstream and Bombardier.

Ultra-long-range aircraft are in high demand right now as wealthy buyers are looking to scoop up aircraft for when the world opens for international travel. The pandemic has soured the wealthy jet set on commercial aviation and has turned a great deal of them into private flyers and even aircraft owners.

The Falcon 6X can quite easily cross continents and oceans for more non-stop journeys, increasing the health and safety benefits of flying private that also includes access to private terminals and executive airports.

Source: Business Insider

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